Sunday, January 31, 2016


Starwars LEGO 75074 snowspeeder Pilot, johnrey got this one from his ninang cecil, they bought it from singapore..the little boy is so happy and excited to build this one and to finish for 10 minutes.

Johnrey is fun with LEGO collectibles, he didn't stop until he finish it. this microfighters series 2 is so cute and amazing little boy finish 60 pcs. of blocks in 10 minutes. the finish product wooohohhhh..
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Everyone needs to be happy and to be happy is a choice, no one is responsible for you to make happy except yourself...every step of the way trouble comes every one has a trials. We are given a chance to love and to be love.
 Ash shows his love to Potchi by a hug, this two shows that even if their are not human they know how to care..

Some people they do not understand the feeling of anyone, they might says that its okay they're animals they don't need  any attention at all?

But this is not true? they need more attention because like us they need also care and love.

They also need a family to take care with them and to show that they also care.

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1. Think always positive.
2. Give always reason for everything just to be happy.
3. Do things that you've always wanted to do for your fulfillment.
4. Try some sports that you think you can excel.
5. Make multiple circle of  friends and choose whose fun to be with.
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Sunday, January 24, 2016


This a story of  dog meets his friend and companion.

Ash is a boy it is given to us by our neighbor in our previous house, at first we are worried how to have pet like dog because Ash is our first pet maybe we are afraid of  dog bite.

This is Ash an Aspin dog, it is very lovable and kind its gives happiness to us, every member of the family love ash so much, Our family traits Ash like one of our kids...for seven years felt it is alone for no other dog we had in our home except Ash.

We are planning to have another one but worried for Ash, maybe he couldn't adjust for long years
without companion maybe it will got in trouble...

What a co-incidence  one of  our friend give us another puppy for us to take care its name Potchi a girl Golden Retriever first she is very hard to please...seems  always angry and no one can touch it, because its like to seized someone who will close to her...but one morning me and may husband were trying how to calm this 4 months puppy.

My husband get water and give the puppy a bath and that's
the time it get closer to us and its always wanted us to cuddle her. we are happy to take care this dog because it has many good gesture for us to smile, like it knows how to follow sit down and shake hands and Hi-5 amazing.

Surprisingly Ash is calm it never bark to Potchi any anger emotion nothing at all. maybe because Ash is happy to have companion and playmates.

Ash is very patience with Potchi they are playful like a kids that rooming around hugging each other, I think they love each other playing every time.

Pothci is only 2 month in a half in our family but the happiness that its give to us are price less. it is doing cute.
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