Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Benefits of Green Barley Grass

Green Barley Grass

Many people testifies that this Green Barley is effective and helpful for those who suffer of diabetes asthma, kidney diseases, and many other illnesses. As an individual I would like to try this product for may family to become healthy..

They says that Green Barley grass is one of the green grasses.  The young green barley leaves have a tremendous ability to absorb nutrients from the soil. When barley leaves are 12-14 inches high, they contain all the vitamins, minerals, and proteins necessary for the human diet, plus chlorophyll. Green Barley contains a multitude of vitamins and minerals. Its juice is seven times richer in Vitamin C than an equivalent weight of oranges, five times richer in iron than spinach, ten times richer in calcium than milk, is a significant source of Vitamin B-12, and contains 15 times as much protein as an equivalent amount of milk. is not a medicine or a drug; instead, it is a live, natural, potent and organic food. Barley is not only an excellent source but one of the richest sources of the entire broad spectrum of nutrients required by man for growth, repair and well being.

The benefits of enzymes in green Barley.
Enzymes are beneficial for the body because it aids us in digestion, hormone production, and helps facilitates our metabolic activity inside the body. Most of the foods that we have access to are unhealthy – most of them processed are cook, which makes enzymes absent. However, Green Barley is rich with thousands of enzymes in natural form.

This testimony makes me interested about this Green Barley products. Hope I could know if where in the Philippines  their main office is located.
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