Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A Good Place to invest a House & lot

San Jose Del Monte Bulacan is a place where definitely no flood zone.

Nowadays to stay in the city is most likely staying in province. Most people in Manila, Quezon city are looking for an area that they were not going to experience flood, like what happen during Undoy.

What I'd Like in Bulacan is I can have a peace of mind when time comes, like heavy-rain. My family can sleep well without worrying of flood.

There are many choices of subdivisions for those looking a new ambiance and starting a family. Camella San Jose have their Camella Sueno, Greenleaf, Greenleaf Classic, Terra del Sueno, and Lessandra San Jose. Camella is the most practical solution to home ownership.

It is Strategically situated in San Jose del monte Bulacan, where i can say that we are in a prime location minute away from all that you need like schools, churches, public market, public transpotation, hardware,
mini-mart. And the newly Star Mall.
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